Dear customers,

AgroComplex, supplier of diary production devices, which has been present on the market since 1991, is launching Mlekomat – Automatic Milk Dispenser (AMD).

Dairy producers will be able to reach customers directly and therefore provide them with healthy and nutritious, high quality and fresh milk, at a reasonable price twenty-four hours a day.

Cooperation and distribution form offered by AgroComplex will enable you to increase your production profitability. Lack of brokers makes milk cheaper for the purchaser and more profitable for the seller at the same time.

Mlekomat is easy to operate both for the customer and for the producer. Milk and other dairy products are sold via Mlekomat automatically, therefore hiring an operator is not required. Owing to text message system the owner or leaseholder of the Automatic Milk Dispenser is able to monitor sales systematically. The process of changing containers is facilitated owing to detachable containers.

Ecologically conscious customers are provided with reusable containers.

Milk feeder is sterilized each time. The device complies with the highest quality, safety and hygiene standards.

Such a way of milk sale has already been successful in many countries. Milk fresh from the cow is being bought by the Italians, Germans, Swiss, Czech and the French. Mlekomat is also used in the USA and India.

Join us!

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